Holographic Touch Frame Smart Glass is similar to Projection Touch Frame Glass but it uses a laminated smart glass. It is designed to use with rear or front projection systems.

It is designed for front or rear projection and acts as a projection interactive screen. When no voltage is applied, the glass is opaque and functions as a interactive projection screen. When voltage is applied, the glass turns transparent and become holographic interactive touch screen.

The glass is composed of toughened glass, PVB and Smart LC film which form a sandwich like structure. The working principle is mainly taken place by the Smart LC film and Touch frame.

It consists of one  piece of smart glass which was affixed with a touch frame. 

Front and Rear holographic projection

Thanks to the holographic effect of smart film, enjoy many advantages such as enhancing your products by exposing them in an original and amazing way, differentiating you from the market, competition or to offer a modern advertising display.

Each holographic sequence can be easily replaced, without changing the installation device, allowing you to easily renew your different holographic animations.

The installation includes the mounting of holographic touch frame smart glass  as well as the installation of a professional HD projector that will broadcast your holographic content.


  • Museum
  • Retail
  • Hotel
  • Exhibition
  • Event
  • Showroom
  • Education
  • Entertainment