Touch Frame - Features

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Create a new touch experience

Interactive touch frame is infrared touch frame, affixed to the the back of the glass or transparent acrylic plate or monitor, glass or acrylic panels can instantly transform size touch screen. Our IR touch frame can turn any surface or monitor into a high definition multi media display surface. Rear projected images, video and dynamic media content can be displayed in any format, anywhere.

Touch frame can be pasted on a glass or LCD monitor and a simple back-projection or front-projection projector can turn the glass into a large touch screen. 

Touch Frame Features


  • Extremely Durable / Scratch Resistant
  • High Stability / Reliability
  • Waterproof
  • Long using life


  • No Touch Stylus Required
  • Transparent
  • Infrared Touch Technology

Excellent experience:

  • Zero pressure touch, even with glove
  • Precise touch & real-time response
  • Customize various size from 30" to 120"


  • Museum
  • Retail
  • Hotel
  • Exhibition
  • Event
  • Showroom
  • Education
  • Entertainment