Customize Your Privacy

Pattern Smart Glas brings your logo or design to life.

Pattern Smart Glass is another new technology from us utilizing very similar technology as Blinds Smart Glass, but customized with logos, designs, and more like the photos above. Pattern Smart Glass uses customized images to divide switchable sections as patterns for privacy, one section at a time in a piece of film or glass.

Our Pattern Smart Glass technology combines your logo, design, or pattern with our smart glass technology. Our design team works hands on with you to create sectioned smart glass patterns that allow each section to work independently. Our team can take your business logo and bring it to life in a custom window design unlike anything else.

Customize Your Privacy

Pattern Smart glass brings your logo or design to life.

Designed to give you customization

If you are looking for a unique way to add privacy, branding, and creative designs to distinguish your privacy glass, Pattern Smart Glass is a proven solution. For even greater design flexibility, our new Pattern Smart Glass panels can be segmented, switching discrete sections separately, dividing a single glass pane into several options for partial or complete privacy.


  • Design for indoors and out
  • Let light in through a creative design
  • Beauty and function