Electronic Curtain SMART GLASS

Sectioned Switchable Privacy

Blinds Smart Glass technology brings privacy control into your own hands.

Electronic Curtain Smart Glass or Blinds Smart Glass is one of our newest technologies; a patented technology that divides switchable sections as blinds for privacy, one section at a time in a single piece of film or glass without visible wires. It can be programmed to transition up or down, or you can program only one or two sections at a time to be “private” while others are clear.

Blinds Smart Glass technology provides the same trusted smart glass technology in sections, allowing users to choose just how much privacy they need.

Designed to give you control

With all of the same unique benefits of Smart Glass , Blinds Smart Glass has multiple uniquely engineered designs for you to choose from. With options similar to typical window blinds, and as unique as chevrons and diamonds, your smart glass windows don’t have to be boring.


  • Design for indoors and out.
  • Replace blinds and curtains with a dust-free easy-clean glass blind.
  • Beauty and function.