Double Glazed SMART GLASS

The double glazed smart glass, also called insolating smart glass, is an innovative opto-electrical isolating glass that presents different visual state by controlling the voltage. When no voltage is applied, the glass is opaque and when voltage is applied, the glass turns transparent, allowing the duel function of either high transparency or privacy protection.

It consists of two pieces of glass, one of which was affixed with a smart film, being separated evenly by spacer and sealed around the surroundings. Among the two pieces of glass, a dry air space is formed, not only providing protection for the smart film but also enabling the glass to have good sound insulation and heat resistance features.



  • Windows
  • Office partition
  • Conference rooms • Hospital/Clinics • luxury Villa/Private room
  • Optical shutters • Security windows • Skylights
  • Airport • Hotel & Resturant
  • Trains & Bus
  • Monitoring room / inquiry room of police station, court, prison, bank