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Smart glass, also called switchable glass or privacy glass, is a new building decoration material that combines the smart film with glass. A variety of glass can be used such as insulating glass, laminated glass, art glass, fireproof glass, etc.It is transparent when power on and opaque when power off, which can be widely used in room partitions, curtain walls, glass doors and windows.

Smart Glass or switchable glass, also called smart windows or switchable windows ,which is a kind of high-tech product can switch from transparent to opaque instantaneously. It is transparent when power on and it is opaque when power off, light
transmission properties can be changed when voltage is applied.

The glass is composed of toughened glass, PVB, and Smart LC film which form a sandwich like structure. The working principle is mainly taken place by the Smart LC film, when power off, visible light scatters through the PDLC of Smart LC film and the glass turn opaque; when power on, visible light transmits the PDLC of Smart LC film
and the glass turns transparent.

The use of smart glass can save costs for heating, air-conditioning and lighting. When opaque, liquid crystal or electrochromic smart glass blocks most UV.

Laminated Smart Glass

The laminated smart glass is an innovative opto-electrical laminated glass that composed of two layers of toughened glass on the outer side, smart film in the middle and other composite materials to form a sandwich-like structure. All those materials stick together firmly through special lamination process. When power off, it is opaque; when power on, it turns transparent instantaneously. In addition, it is also a safety glass and can act as smart projection screen.

Opto-electrical Properties


  • Office partition
  • Bathrooms
  • Conference rooms • Hospital/Clinics • luxury Villa/Private room
  • Optical shutters • Security windows • Skylights
  • Airport • Hotel & Resturant
  • Trains & Bus
  • Monitoring room / inquiry room of police station, court, prison, bank
  • Jewelry shop, museum, automatic equipment
  • Large-scale projection screens