Automotive black SMART FILM

Automotive black film maintains the high transparency features of the white smart film when power on, and presents a mysterious, noble black color when power off. Besides the excellent characteristics of the white smart film, it also has a very good heat insulation effect that makes it an ideal material for car tinting and building energy-saving reconstruction or design.

Features of Automotive Black Smart Film

Color:It is black color that can be suitable for different decorative styles and places.

Thickness: less than 0.5mm

Viewing angel:Large viewing angle.

Sunlights blocking : High UV blocking rate (OFF>95%); High infrared blocking rate (OFF>75%).

Green material : Energy saving & Environmental protection.


The Comparison between normal White Smart Film and Automotive Black Smart Film


  • Automotive
  • Windows
  • luxury Villa/Private room
  • Optical shutters
  • Security windows
  • Skylights
  • Airport • Hotel&Restaurant • Trains &Bus