Heat Resistant SMART FILM

Heat resistant film maintains the high transparency features of the normal smart film when power on, and presents a mysterious, noble grayblack color when power off. Besides the excellent characteristics of the normal smart film, it also has a very good heat insulation effect that makes it an ideal material for building energy-saving reconstruction or design.

Features of Heat Resistant Smart Film

Color:It is gray black color that can be suitable for different decorative styles and places.

Viewing angel:Large viewing angle.

Sunlights blocking : High UV blocking rate (OFF>95%); High infrared blocking rate (OFF>75%).

Green material : Energy saving & Environmental protection.

Reflecting, conducting and absorbing, while blocking the infrared, visible light and ultra violet, in order to achieve the heat insulation effect and sight clarity balance.

Solar energy heat resistance rate (Total heat resistance rate) = 3% * UV blocking rate + 44% * visible light blocking rate + 53% * infrared blocking rate.

The Comparison between Normal Smart Film and Heat Resistant Smart Film


  • Windows
  • Hospital/Clinics
  • luxury Villa/Private room
  • Optical shutters
  • Security windows
  • Skylights
  • Airport • Hotel&Restaurant • Trains &Bus