Self-adhesive SMART FILM

Self-adhesive smart film is a new type of functional film that adds an optical grade doubled-sided cling layer on one side of the normal smart fillm. Due to its excellent bending ability, it can be affixed on the existing flat glass or curved glass, providing a simple and cost effective alternative for users.

PDLC Film (self-adhesive) is an intelligent film which provides a simple and cost effective alternative to Switchable Film technology. It is manufactured with a selfadhesive cling layer on one side (peel and stick) which can be directly sticked to the exsting glass and switch from transparent to opaque instantaneously under electricity application.It can meet the double requirements of glass on penetrability and privacy protection. Self-adhesive smart film can also be converted into a highly demanded rear projection screen with incredible image quality due to its liquid crystal properties which give high contrast features. It’s unreachable functions of today which make it very popular.

It not only maintains all the original good characteristics of the smart film, but also has "dry paste, self-exhaust" features that make the installation easy and fast.

Features of Self-adhesive Smart Film

Easy to Transport and Install:Self-adhesive smart film, compared with smart glass, is much lighter due to getting rid of the heavy weight of the glass. Moreover, it can be installed on the existing glass, which is easy and fast, also enabling the instantaneous transformation between transparent and opaque as good as the smart glass do.

Wide Range of Applications & Use Instantly after Installation:The installation of the self-adhesive smart film should be done in dry condition. When the film doesn't work or need to renew, just remove the old film and paste a new film after cleaning the glass surface, no need to disassemble the whole glass.



  • Existing glazing
  • Office partition • Bathrooms • Conference rooms
  • Hospital/Clinics
  • luxury Villa/Private room
  • Optical shutters
  • Security windows
  • Skylights
  • Airport • Hotel&Restaurant • Trains &Bus