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Smart film, also called PDLC film or switchable film, is composed of two layers of ITO films and one layer of PDLC.

Switchable Privacy Film is an opaque white smart film, that can be changed, instantly, into a clear glass window providing easily-controllable, when-you-need-it privacy and security in both interior and exterior installations. Smart Film is an innovative film product that offers unique functionality for creative applications.

The smart fillm, controlled by applied electric field, is able to have instantaneous transformation between transparent and opaque (frosted) state.

Designed to give you comfort

Privacy – Smart film provides privacy at a moment’s notice in both exterior and interior installations. Offices, conference rooms, private rooms in restaurants, hospitals, clinics and medical offices, and banks are only a few of the locations where smart film can transform the functionality and appearance of the space. Smart film also offers privacy for private homes, especially where street views or neighboring homes are close at hand, and it eliminates the need for dust-collecting draperies, shutters, and blinds.

Safety & security – Smart glass is constructed like laminated safety glass. The film laminated between the glass prevents shattered glass from flying and scattering after a severe impact, keeping the window intact. Smart glass panels meet safety glass standards and can be used in security and hurricane-resistant window applications.

Multifunctional – Smart film performs excellently as a rear-projection screen for videos, slideshows, or almost any projected image. It can also substitute for a white-board, maximizing the utility of a conference room, classroom, or consultation room.

Day-lighting – To daylight an interior effectively, harsh sunlight must be moderated to reduce glare and spread more even illumination at comfortable levels. Smart film windows, skylights, and glazed doors can be switched to translucent mode at peak hours of sunlight to cut light levels roughly in half and scatter the light, providing a diffused source that illuminates more of the room with less glare.

Temperature control – Smart film windows reduce transmission of infrared radiation on demand. Switching a Smart film window to its translucent state during peak sunlight helps control interior temperature and reduces the load on air conditioning systems, lowering energy costs.

Product Features

Transparent / opaque switching:In combination with the liquid crystal and the polymer processing technology, Smart film can switch the glass to transparent or opaque state by current control.

Environmental / convenient:Smart film is a film with only 0.5mm in thickness which can adhere to any glass surfaces. With repeat repair function, it is also environmental and practical.

Smart Building:Smart film can be applied in French windows, large doors and windows, glass patio, glass drywalls of buildings. The shading effects of Smart film can be controlled by the temperature regulation of the central system to reduce indoor temperatures and retain sufficient brightness. Smart film can effectively reject up to 70% of the total solar energy in the opaque state.

Smart home:Combined with glass tables, chairs, interior drywalls, wardrobes, wine cellars, and all kinds of storage cabinets, collectibles can be hidden behind the frosted Smart film and can be shown when Smart film is transparent.

Smart Healthcare:Smart film can also be applied to glass partitions of the operating room and the nursery room. The room is open when Smart film is transparent, and the emergency medical procedure can be hidden behind the frosted Smart film. The glass surface is easy to clean, which can avoid the allergy from other materials like cloth and curtains.


  • Privacy and security with architectural integrity.

  • Visual attention to interior and exterior design.

  • Beauty and function.

  • Rear projection screen and glass white board capable.

Opto-electrical Properties

When no voltage is applied, the smart film is opaque (frosted state); When voltage is applied, the film is transparent. Detailed specifications as below:

Weather Resistance

Smart film, applying our exclusive formula of liquid crystal composite material as well as optical grade flexible conductive films, has excellent optical, thermal, mechanical properties, and also good weather resistance.


  • Office partition • Bathrooms • Conference rooms
  • Hospital/Clinics
  • luxury Villa/Private room
  • Optical shutters
  • Security windows
  • Skylights
  • Airport • Hotel&Restaurant • Trains &Bus