Working Principle of Smart Projection System

Smart film/smart glass is able to have instantaneous transformation between transparent and opaque. When it is in opaque state, it is a high-quality projection screen that can display clear and bright images. Our smart projection system is the combination of smart film/glass with specialized projectors.

Advantages of Our Smart Projection System

  • 3D video
    • High definition;
    • able to play holographic animation and 3D video;
    • eye projection;
    • comfortably viewing.
  • 0.25 ultrashort throw projection ratio
    • Wide-angle precision optical engine;
    • laser fluorescence new technology;
    • 0.25 ultrashort throw projection ratio.
  • Easy to install
    • It is workable to have simple reconstruction on the existing glass;
    • And it's easy to install.
  • Fashionable and practical
    • The display screen can be varied between transparent and opaque according to the needs for different scenes, which is fashionable and practical.
  • 180 Degree viewing angel
    • Large viewing angle(approximate 180°);
    • Low energy consumption;
    • Long lifespan.