Super Large Projection Screen

The super large projection screen, which combines the smart film, smart glass and smart projection systems, can also be widely used in exhibition halls, command centers, performing stages, monitoring
rooms, multimedia rooms, conference rooms and other places that need to display dynamic images.

The advantage of Large screen of smart projection :

  1. It performances high quality definition. It supports image holographic animation video 3D video etc.
  2. Delicate definition healthy and harmless to eyes.
  3. The projector uses wide-angle precision optical engine and applies laser fluorescence new technology. 0.25 ultra short throw.
  4. Wide viewing angle(nearly 180 degrees) low energy consumption long lifespan.
  5. The display screen can be changed between transparency and opaque, ccording to the requirements of the scene. Stylish intelligent and practical.
  6. Can be installed on the existing glass in a simple way.