Smart Glass

Innovative smart technologies in glazing

About Us

Our our factory has entered the optical film field in 1980, with high starting point, high investment and high standards.

Since 1980, our film and glass factory has been manufacturing, and marketing Smart Glass for today's technology demands. Our specialized smart film and glass products continue to inspire architects and designers all over the world.

Our factories have 10,000m2 production workshops, 4000m2 dust-free workshops, two advanced Roll to Roll ITO filmproduction lines, two wet precision coating production lines, two supportive film coating and cutting production lines, and smart glass production lines whose annual output can reach 36,000m2. Our Roll to Roll full-automatic ITO film coating production line is one of the widest in the world. Moreover, we are the only manufacturer in Europe and Asia that is capable of integrating the whole production chain from ITO fillm, to smart film and then to smart glass, providing our customers high-quality products with favorable price.

We pays much attention to environmental protection and sustainable development. Our products are environmentally friendly, and we are well aware of our responsibility as an important environmental protector.

Smart glass/film products

  • Smart Film
  • Smart Glass
  • LED Glass
  • Touch Glass
  • Architectural Glass
  • Smart Projection System

Provide high quality products for our customers and treat every customer sincerely. Satisfy customer’s needs, and help them overcome difficulties.

We provide:

  • Advanced customized solutions
  • Extensive and complete product lines
  • Professional technology
  • High production standard

We are committed to satisfy every customer. Your smile is our goal. If you need our assistance, please contact with our customer service team.

We strive to achieve:

  • High efficiency
  • Honesty, fairness and politeness
  • Listen patiently, response quickly
  • Enhance our expertise and skills

We are the World Leading R & D and Production Company for Functional Glass Products


  • Our company has passed ISO90001: 2008 quality management system certification
  • Our products have passed the RoHS and Halogen tests, complying with EU standards (certified by SGS-the world's leading certification organization)
  • Our transformer has obtained CE (EMC) and CE (LVD) certification
  • Our smart glass have gained 3C certification
  • The structural performance of our smart glass platform screen door has satisfied the design index request
  • We have gained a lot of utility model patents

What makes us No.1 in the World:

  • World’s largest PDLC manufacturer.
  • No gimmicks, no tricks. 100% Specialization in Smart Film Manufacturing.
  • Proprietary coating and Nanotechnology production techniques.
  • Quality, reliability, durability (QRD) Tested.
  • Leads the industry in quantities produced and sold which guarantees competitive pricing.
  • Direct surface installation with patented reusable and invisible dry adhesive.
  • High quality control standards.
  • International and U.S.A patented.