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    Colorful Rainbow Effect

    Light-reflecting Rainbow Glass brings warmth, rich color, and uv protection to facades and curtain walls.

    Light-reflecting Rainbow Glass appears in

  • Pattern SMART GLASS

    Customize Your Privacy

    Pattern Smart Glas brings your logo or design to life.

    Pattern Smart Glass is another new technology from us utilizing very similar technology as Blinds

  • Projection TOUCH FRAME GLASS

    Projection Touch Frame Glass is similar to Touch Frame Glass but with sticked projection fillm on backside. It is designed to use with rear or front projection systems.

    It consists

  • Self-adhesive SMART FILM

    Self-adhesive smart film is a new type of functional film that adds an optical grade doubled-sided cling layer on one side of the normal smart fillm. Due to its excellent bending ability, it can


    Smart film, also called PDLC film or switchable film, is composed of two layers of ITO films and one layer of PDLC.

    Switchable Privacy Film is an opaque white smart film,

  • Smart Film


    Smart glass, also called switchable glass or privacy glass, is a new building decoration material that combines the smart film with glass. A variety of glass can be used such as insulating glass,

  • Smart Glass


    Touch Frame Glass transforming any screen or surface into an interactive display. Whether it’s an existing video wall or table, Interactive Frames are the perfect choice. The touch frame glass is

  • Touch Glass

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