Light-Reflecting Imaginative Color Glass

Light-reflecting Glass brings warmth, rich color, and uv protection to facades and curtain walls.

Light-reflecting Glass appears in different colors when viewing at various angles. It uses an attractive, eye-catching material with a unique presentation that will enhance your building facades and interior applications  and also blocks 99% UV, gives life toyour displays and curtain walls. As one-sided glass, the exterior reflects the sun light in orange, gold, copper, and yellow colors. From the interior, you can see through it and the glass is blue, green, and purple in color.

Captivate With Color

Light-reflecting Glass is a colorful, eye-catching material with a unique presentation. It is a one-sided glass that is a rich blue-purple from the darker side, and reflects vibrant colors with a hint of gold on the bright side. Utilized in museums, building facades, train stations, bus stops, and more, Light-reflecting Glass  brings life to an otherwise boring curtain wall.

Light-reflecting Glass Description

Light-reflecting Glass is available in cool (Chill) and warm (Blaze) colors. The brilliant shift in color that the viewer sees, visible from both sides of the product, is influenced by the environment in which the products are used. This includes the lighting, the viewing angle, and the mounting surface color. The products are a premium grade multi-layer polymeric film that is non-metallic, non-conductive, and non-corrosive.

As one-sided viewing glass, the observer can only see through one side while the other side remains translucent. From the bright side, Light-reflecting Glass cannot be seen through but it can be seen in various colors with a slight golden overtone. While on the other side that is darker Light-reflecting Glass is viewable through and it reflects blue/purple color.

Color Descriptions

The “Chill” shift in colors is set in cool tones of blue/magenta/yellow and gold/blue color regions of the spectrum. The “Blaze” shift in colors is set in warm tones of cyan/blue/magenta and red/gold color regions of the spectrum.


  • Colorful: appearsin different colors when viewed from various angles.
  • Attractive: enhance your most imaginative product displays.
  • Eco-friendly: no oxidation problem, and provides up to 99% UV protection.


  • Museums
  • Building facades
  • Train stations
  • Bus stops